Ask a Roofer in Manitowoc: Calculating Replacement Costs

The amount that it will cost to replace a roof is dependent on a variety of different variables. Calculators available online are helpful, but they do not take into account every issue. A new roof is an important investment since it not only shields your home from the harsh climate of Minnesota, but it can also improve the property’s aesthetic appeal and boost its value, all while helping you save money on your monthly energy bills. The cost of replacing a roof is determined by a number of crucial factors. Every roof is one-of-a-kind, which is why you need a dependable roofer in Manitowoc with years of experience, like the ones at Gellings Roofing & Siding, to provide you with an accurate quote.

Roofing Radius

The amount of roof that has to be replaced is directly proportional to its measurement. Roofing shingles, underlayment or ice and water shield, metal flashing, and plywood sheathing are some examples of the materials that must be purchased in higher quantities as the project’s surface area increases (if there is any rot).

A roofer in Manitowoc, Minnesota, using an air gun to nail shingles, while upgrading roof cover protection.

Sq. Ft. In Total

With the exception of homes consisting of a single story, the total square footage of a home does not equal the size of its roof. When calculating the square footage of a new roof, a roofing contractor in Manitowoc will measure the length and width of each sphere. They will also take into account any aspects of the roof that extend beyond the boundaries of the house, such as overhangs, eaves, garages, and the like.

The Roof’s Slope

The vertical rise of a roof, over the horizontal distance covered by each twelve-inch section of the roof, is used to calculate its pitch, which is also referred to as the slope. With a pitch of 4/12, the height of the roof will increase by four inches for every foot of distance or run. It’s as simple as that! When it comes to roof replacement, a good rule of thumb is that the steeper the pitch of the roof, the higher the cost will be.

Get to Know Your Roofer in Manitowoc

Because the price of a new roof is determined by a number of different variables, it is important to arrange a free inspection with a roofer in Manitowoc at least once a year in order to avoid being surprised when the time comes to replace it. Call Gellings Roofing & Siding at (920) 693-2240 to schedule an appointment with one of their roofing and siding experts.