Why Use A Catch-All System

In the past, roofers used tarps to catch debris; although this method worked for a time, it was not without flaws. Using tarps resulted in excess nails left behind, damaged gutters, and hindered landscaping. Thankfully, some genius came up with a mechanism to solve those problems. What is a Catch-All system; Why should a roofer use it; How does it work? We will give you the run-down on what we use at Gellings, along with the how-tos and what-ifs.

What Is It A Catch-All?

The Catch-All is a mechanism used to catch roofing debris and protect your home from damages caused by shingles, nails, ladders, and more. With the ability to withstand a two-story dop of 50Lb of weight, the Catch-All is well equipped to catch all discards from high falls. Unlike traditional tarps, its netting is breathable and flexible, making it well able to protect grass, windows, siding, and landscaping from falling particles. In addition to being breathable and strong, the nettings material design is windproof! The Catch-All setup is unevasive, fast, and not too bad-looking! Okay, all that’s nice, but let’s talk about why it would benefit YOU!

Benefits Of The Catch-All System

Some benefits of the Catch-All system are; a decrease in clean-up time, a better clean-up job, protection of customers’ homes, and saving time and money. Sloppy tear-off makes for wasted time and money, and no one wants that. Because of its extensive coverage, using the Catch-All cuts clean-up time in half. The netting used on the ground has built-in handles making it easy for crews to grab the blanket and take it straight to the dumpster to empty. Shortened clean-up time means less time we spend on your lawn and more time for you to enjoy your new project!
In addition, the Catch-All works to protect your home from any damage that can occur during tear-off. Not only that, but unlike traditional tarps, the breathable netting keeps your lawn from turning yellow or suffocating plants.

For a fun compilation of facts, check out this video! (18) The Catch-All – 2.0 – YouTube

This is what a Catch-All looks like all setup and doing its job!

Displaying House with a Catch-All system, very nice and clean

Overall, the Catch-All provides much-needed protection from damages that can occur during a remodeling project and cuts down tear-off and cleanup time. This results in a faster, cleaner, and well-completed project and a satisfied customer. Does your project manager use a Catch-All? Based on this article, they should! We at Gellings want to make sure our customers feel like their home is protected while we work, and that is why we use a Catch-All.

For any more information or questions, please visit us at Home | Gellings Roofing & Siding LLC, we look forward to hearing from you!

For a fun compilation of facts, check out this video! (18) The Catch-All – 2.0 – YouTube