Manitowoc Roofing: Are Replacements Better Than Repairs?

In many circumstances, even if only a small portion of your roof requires repair, it may make sense to replace your entire roof. If the area in need of repair is large, a total roof replacement may be less expensive. A few years down the line, you won’t have to pay again for the Manitowoc roofing team. Given the age of the roof (asphalt shingle roofs typically age out in around twenty years), full roof replacement is the better option.

When determining whether or not to replace your entire roofing in Manitowoc, consider the following factors:

  • How ancient or worn down is the shingling?
  • How vulnerable is the roof to damage caused by weather, severe winds, and other possible hazards?
  • What is the average seasonal weather like where you live?

Is it preferable to put a new roof on top of the existing one, or to remove it completely? This selection will be influenced by where you reside. For example, if an existing roof already has two layers, local code rules will normally not allow new roofing to be installed over it unless the previous materials are removed first. This is largely a weight tolerance concern that can jeopardize a house’s structural stability.

Roof Decking and Multiple Shingle Layers

There are a few extra things to consider when tearing down old Manitowoc roofing systems. Keeping the old layer(s) might save you money in the long run, especially if you live in an area with frequent downpours or regular, seasonal strong winds. Shingling is substantially more secure when attached directly to the roof decking. Furthermore, removing the previous layers allows you to thoroughly evaluate your current plywood decking material for decay, insect damage, and inadequate fastenings.

Given the state of the plywood, this might very well avoid severe roof or interior damage to your home later on caused by large storms or other calamities. Starting your new roof replacement or big area roof repair with clean decking enables protective layers designed to prevent ice damming and water damage at the eaves. While whole roof replacement is unquestionably expensive, repairing your roof correctly the first time will help you get the most out of your investment, save you money, and reduce stress.

Gelling is Here for All Your Manitowoc Roofing Needs

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