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Gellings Roofing On The House

The Gelling On The House Roofing Assistance Program

The Gellings Roofing On The House program provides relief for families and individuals in our community who are unable to afford healthy, safety-regulated homes. Incapable of updating their homes to the needed degree, these homeowners may have suffered an economic or natural disaster, struggle with physical disabilities or have financial limitations.


When [John] came home in the middle of a thunderstorm, he saw that a tree had fallen on his roof. Water was everywhere; he knew the damage would get worse if he didn't do something immediately.

The rotting tree was on his property line. John felt it was his neighbor's job to cut down the tree. His neighbor thought it was John's responsibility to take care of the tree. John's insurance company agreed and refused his claim.

As a 92-year-old retiree, John was on a fixed income.

There was no way he could cover a major repair like this on his own. But these repairs had to be made if he wanted to stay in his home.

Stories like these happen every day.

People in our communities continue to struggle unnoticed. They need help, but they're not sure where to turn.

Gellings Roofing and Siding announces 'On the House.'

Michelle Gellings, [Head of Community Outreach] at Gellings Roofing and Siding, announces the launch of their On the House program.

On the House provides support for major home repair and support projects. This program provides assistance for:

  • Economic or natural disasters
  • Support for candidates struggling with physical disabilities
  • Families who are financially limited
  • Individuals and families who are unable to update their homes

Anyone needing home repair help due to economic hardship or natural disasters is encouraged to apply. Support for qualified candidates includes:

  • Veterans
  • Persons with physical disabilities
  • Senior citizens
  • Low-income households

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply. They'll be asked to verify specific personal details and their circumstances. This ensures On the House is available to everyone in need when it's needed.

Why 'On the House' is important for our local community

These struggles aren't unique to a small part of our community. As it turns out, most homeowners experience these struggles from time to time. Research from Consumer reports1 shows:

  • The average home needs $3,150 worth of repairs that havent been made yet.
  • Only 41% of homeowners could afford a $500 repair out of pocket, and only 28% could say the same for a $1,000 repair.
  • Approximately 1 in 4 homes are in need of serious repairs, while 45% of homes are less safe as a result of neglected repairs.

This shows that the need for programs like On the House is growing. Maintaining the homes in our community is an essential part of building a strong and stable community. But it starts with caring for the families in them!

On the House is a safety net for families in our community.

Qualified homeowners in Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties are encouraged to apply for our On the House roof and siding replacement program. There's absolutely no cost to see if you qualify.

Visit to learn more or apply.

Frequently asked questions about the On the House program

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our On the House program. Dont see your question here? Please contact us, and well get back to you right away.

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Gellings Roofing and Siding Company LLC has more than 20 years of experience in the exterior remodeling business. Gellings Roofing and Siding services the Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties. They provide outstanding warranties that meet or exceed industry standards demonstrating the company's confidence in its products and services and the organization's willingness to stand behind them. Visit to learn more.


Community outreach:

Michelle Gellings, VP Marketing and Sales

How do I apply?

Its easy! Just fill out the form on this page to get the process started. Be sure to fill out all of the questions listed, as this helps us to quickly determine eligibility. All of the information you share is private. Your information will only be shared with those who need to know.

For example, if were working with other contractors or specialists, they may need to know a few minor details. However, we will only share information with those who need to know and only after weve received your permission to do it.

What will I need to apply?

Well need the following information from you to start the process:

  • Name, address, phone number
  • Information about your property or properties
  • The assessed value of your home
  • Income verification documentation (e.g., pay stubs, W2s, etc.)
  • The type of assistance you need
  • Your anticipated timeframe (e.g., emergency assistance, upcoming project need, etc.)
How do you determine who is eligible?

On the House is a need-based program thats designed to provide home repair help and assistance. Its intended to be a safety net for those who are unable to take care of essential home repair projects.

Whats the cost?

There are no costs involved to apply; if youre accepted, there are no costs involved for approved projects. We provide the materials and labor, and we still stand behind our work by providing the same warranties we offer to all of our customers!

How can you afford to provide this service to the community?

After we complete a project, there are always leftover materials. We store these brand-new materials in our warehouse. In the past, we would donate these overstock materials to community programs like ReStore, but we simply have too many materials in our warehouse. Thats why weve decided to put these materials to good use.

We use the overstock in our warehouse, and our teams labor (offered free of charge) in our program; On the House is completely self-funded.

This is why Government programs, as well as private programs like Habitat for Humanity, love On the House. Theyre limited in the assistance they can provide, who they can offer it to, and when. As a result, huge pockets of individuals or families fall through their cracks.

We dont have these limitations.

They send those families to us for help. Were free to provide the right amount of assistance to anyone who needs it, whenever they need it, regardless of their circumstance.

Why is Gellings Roofing and Siding offering this program?

Strong communities, strong businesses, strong families. As our community grows, all of the businesses in the community grow as well. The local governments benefit from the growth, providing more services to the community. Local businesses can provide more jobs and opportunities to the community, and the community helps sustain both the government and local businesses. Lets say youre on the hook for a $15,000 repair project. If youre like most people, your stress levels would go through the roof. Where is that money supposed to come from?

On the House acts as a safety net for families because helping each other is best for everyone in the long run.

Which home improvement projects do not qualify for this program?

At this time, were unable to take on remodeling, aesthetic, or vanity projects (e.g., painting, floor upgrades, landscaping, etc.). Right now, our attention is focused on specific essential home repair projects that impact the safety or livability of the home (e.g., roofing or siding repairs).

Is your team licensed and certified?

Absolutely. Our team is manufacturer certified (by GAF). Only 4% of Contractors in North America are certified by GAF. This certification cant be bought, it can only be earned. What does this mean? Our job sites, our work is evaluated, in person, by GAF consistently over time. Additionally, Gellings Roofing and Siding Company LLC has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating. Were insured (liability and worker's compensation) and state-licensed as required by law.

Can I apply for someone else?

You sure can! Just send in all of the details weve mentioned above, note who youre applying for, and we should be all set! Please let them know ahead of time so theyre not caught off guard when we reach out. We want to make sure they know what to expect.

I've been denied, can I re-apply?

Yes. If we were unable to help you due to the specifics of your situation or circumstance, you can re-apply if those circumstances have changed. Well provide you with clear details outlining why we werent able to help and what you can do to receive help in the future.

Is there a limit to the number of people you can help?

Yes, unfortunately. The number of families who need help always exceeds supply. We encourage you to apply immediately if you (or someone you know) need help.

Gellings Roofing On The House Application

There are criteria to qualify for our program, but we hope to make it accessible to those most in need and then some.

Although this program is offered and funded by Gellings Roofing & Siding, those interested in contributing to this work may donate materials and/or labor. You can find more information about how to help, here (link coming soon) or by giving us a call or shooting us an email.

Some of the qualifying candidates may include:

  • Veterans
  • Persons with physicals disabilities
  • Seniors
  • Low income households
The Gelling On The House Roofing Assistance Program
Basic Info
City, State, Zip code
Home Type
Do you own more than one property?
Assessed value of home?
Are you willing to provide income verification?
Are you a veteran, senior, disabled, low-income or involuntarily without homeowners insurance?
How did you hear about our program?
What type of assistance are you looking for?
Are you applying for yourself or a friend?
Applying for myself
Applying for a friend
Give a brief description of why aid is needed.
Thank you for contacting Gellings Roofing & Siding LLC, a representative will contact you shortly.

(Please note that answers do not affect your eligibility for assistance.)**

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